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Treasure DiveTreasure Dive

Treasure dive is a game created by 10 game designers in a few weeks time where I led the programming team and part of the design. It shows a beautiful combination of lots of talented people combined in a single game. 

Treasure Dive Treasure Dive plays in a scenic undersea world filled with lots of creatures and treasures to explore.

An ancient collection of treasures has been stolen from the local museum. This collection includes many priceless artefacts of old cultures. If the treasure isn't revived soon, the local museum has to be closed and by that would also disappear all the tourism income of your city. As a noble diver you must recover these treasures. You've got the info that the artefacts are hidden in chests at the bottom of the sea. You take your diving gear and you're ready to go. For the sake of the priceless historical relics and of the museum employees, you must go underwater and bring back the treasure!