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I am Simon Donkers, 31 years young, living in Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands. This site is a random collection of things I've done in the past few years. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 





Since 2008 I'm a full time employee for PiXDRO, a company specialized in the production of industrial inkjet applications. Since I completed my graduation there I've been emplyed as Process Development Engineer. 

Dutch Game Maker Community

Dutch Game Maker Community

Since nearly the start I've been a member of the Dutch Game Maker Community and for over 2 years I'm one of the co-admins. This community with over 5000 members is about the programming language Game Maker. 

Eo Game Development Community

Eo Game Development Community

Eo GDC is a world wide group of talented game designers which I've had the honor of being a member off for over 3 years. Within this I've been among other things, the project leader for Treasure Dive. 

Game Maker Off Topic

Game Maker Off-Topic

GMOT is an active community of Game Maker users to discuss all kinds of things. A year and a half ago I've founded this community together with 2 other Game Maker users and we currently have about 250.000 hits a month.